Black Owned Black Atlanta Restaurants

Black Owned Black Atlanta Restaurants

Where I am from, it was rare to find Black Restaurant owners.  Per capita, the restaurants were never in proportion to the Black population in Oklahoma. Now, living in Black Atlanta, one always seems to find or hear of a Black Owned restaurant.  But the BIG Twist, is now I own one!  Read more to find out more about Black Owned restaurants in Atlanta.

404 Sports Bar & Grill: A Black Owned Sports Bar Experience in Atlanta

We came up with an idea to further honor Black Atlanta by honoring the 404.  So branding was extremely important.  The idea was to provide an elevated sports bar experience.  

  1. We have the ability to show key games, fights, and matches.
  2. We provide a stage with live music.  
  3. We sell dope and flavorful hookahs.
  4. We have a brand new state of the art kitchen with top cooks providing the great food choices.
  5. We have bar seating for nearly 30 and a plethora of top cocktails.  

The Start of a Black Atlanta Restaurant

We converted a Ruby Tuesday to the 404 Sports Bar & Grill.  Stay tuned for photos and videos.

Seating 225 people is know small venture.  We have the epitome of a Black Atlanta Restaurant.

The Rebirth of Metro Black Atlanta Nightlife

404 Sports Bar and Grill is in Morrow, GA... 15 miles from Atlanta.  

" That's what people say to others who are outside the state because that's the major city in Georgia. Everybody want to be from Atlanta and places that they are from are not really known for real. So they're going to say they're from Atlanta because that's the most neat city.” Mar 24, 2022 Omeretta

We respect Omeretta.  But the Metro Atlanta energy is inspired by a spirit that can easily travel outside of the premises of a geographic designation.  

Black Owned Atlanta Business Ventures and Restaurants can have vision and execution without being physically in the City.  

We are happy and proud to be a part of Black Atlanta Restaurants and Nightlife.

Stay tuned to find out more about starting a business, nightlife in Atlanta, and of course, Black Owned Black Atlanta Restaurants.