Black Atlanta Audacity

Atlanta Aquarium
group of People observing fish at Atlanta aquarium


noun 1.a willingness to take bold risks. “her audacity came in handy during our most recent emergency”

Similar: boldness daring fearlessness intrepidity bravery courage courageousness valor heroism recklessness adventurousness enterprise dynamism spirit mettle confidence spunk grit bottle moxie cojones

vulgar slangballs

Opposite: timidity

So many words can define my experience in Black Atlanta. But I think the word that have made the most impact in my 30 years of being in the city has been Audacity.

Many times, we are blessed with ideas that just come to mind. And many of those times, we do not act upon those ideas to manifest and make them real. Audacity the action of taking the Bull By The Horns…. of stepping out on Faith AND Executing…. Of having the bravery and the courage to step out even when others may not believe in you. Of going against the grain. Of making a path in unchartered territory. Of not being afraid to be laughed at. Of having balls. Of having intestinal fortitude. GUTS.

Black Atlanta has provided me with the growth medium.

Happy New Year Black Atlanta!


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