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Props go to Davidlee Kitchen and Derrick Bivens The Billionaire Burger Boyz and Jennifer Johnson The Burger Girl as part of Discovery Plus and OWN shows.

Together they own and operate one of L.A.’s most popular and successful food trucks. They know better than anyone that it takes culinary chops, creativity, and a whole lot of hustle to go from the bottom to the top of the biz. This show will feature Black-owned food truck like never before. 

They’ve conquered the City of Angels, so now they’re hitting the road to lay down the challenge to other successful food trucks far and wide. In each episode, the Boyz and Girl will roll into a city, meet the challenging food truck, craft a new menu for that city, then sell, sell, sell. The winning truck walks away with a cash bet put up by both teams before the competition. Sure, the team is considered one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles, but can they claim the title in multiple cities up and down the west coast? The team will start in San Diego and travel up the west coast to Oakland, Sonoma, San Francisco, Eugene then Seattle. 




Additional information for the series is below. Please let us know if there are any questions. 


From OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, the series debuts as part of the OWN-discovery+ strategic partnership that was formed to fuel the streamer’s commitment to deliver a broad range of quality programming that showcases Black faces, voices and stories that will appeal to the fast-growing discovery+ audience. Six episodes of “Burger Truck Brawl” will be available to stream starting Saturday, August 21 on the discovery+ platform. Series is produced by Guy Fieri’s Knuckle Sandwich Productions and Lando Entertainment.


Derrick Bivens is classically trained, award-winning chef and co-owner of the Billionaire Burger Boyz. Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Derrick comes from a culinary family – his uncle and two brothers were chefs. After years spent working uninspiring jobs, Derrick decided to go to culinary school because he knew that was something he loved to do and it wouldn’t feel like work. After graduating from culinary school and working in kitchens owned by world famous chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, he decided to branch out on his own. He started by doing meal prep and selling plates on street corners in Downtown Los Angeles until, eventually, he was able to get a food truck of his own. After meeting his partner Jennifer Johnson and Davidlee Kitchen, the idea of the Billionaire Burger Boyz was born. What started as one truck led to several more trucks as well as restaurants, and the empire continues to grow. 


Davidlee Kitchen is an award-winning chef, food entrepreneur, and co-owner of the Billionaire Burger Boyz. From flipping his first burger at age five to starting his first business as Smokehouse Lee selling plates to co-workers in his early-twenties, Davidlee has always been interested in the culinary world. Then, after Davidlee met Derrick Bivens who invited him to come onto his food truck for a day to serve his signature Jambalaya Fries, the Billionaire Burger Boyz was born. Davidlee and Derrick, along with Jennifer Johnson, began creating colossal size burgers and organizing community events such as the Leimert Park “Friday Night Block Party” in in Los Angeles-Crenshaw District.  Now at age 29, Davidlee continues to build the expand the Billionaire Burger Boyz empire and celebrates being a new dad to his daughter, Aubrielle.


Jennifer Johnson, affectionately known as Jenni Jenn Jenn, is a South Los Angeles native and co-founder of the Billionaire Burger Boyz. Having a background in musical theater and an already successful career in social services and medical billing, she never thought that she would end up in the food industry. But after meeting Derrick Bivens and realizing his passion and ambition, she could not pass up the opportunity. Not only is she the creative genius behind the Billionaire Burger Boyz name, she’s also the “Boss Lady” and the glue that holds everyone together. Currently, she is trying to branch out beyond the culinary world and build her own beauty brand. Her big smile, problem-solving skills, and positive outlook has helped make the Billionaire Burger Boyz what they are today. 


Competitor Art Here

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Episode 101 

San Diego 

The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. The Craft Taco Truck (@thecrafttacotruck)

Featuring San Diego’s Eddie Tamayo, Raymond Tereira, Marco Tamayo 

Episode 102

San Francisco

The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. The Vegan Hood Chefs (@theveganhoodchefs)

Featuring San Francisco’s Rheema “Emy” Calloway, Rasheda “Mama Shedes” Saechaou   

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Episode 103


The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. Black Pig Meat Company (@blackpigmeat_co)

Featuring Sonoma’s Duskie Estes, John Stewart, Mackenzie Estes Stewart 

Episode 104 


The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. the Lumpia Company (@thelumpiacompany)

Featuring Oakland’s Alex “Lumpia Chef” Retodo, Katrina “Che” Binuya, Max Antonio 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Episode 105 


The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. Sammitch Food Truck (@sammitchtime)

Featuring Eugene’s Casey Brooks, Tyler Snyder, Angela “Sparkle” Barajas 

Episode 106


The Billionaire Burger Boyz + The Burger Girl (@billionaireburgerboyz + @billionaireburgerboyztruckla) vs. WhereYaatMatt Food Truck (@whereyaatmatt)

Featuring Seattle’s Syd Suntha, Matt Lewis, Daniel Viche 

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