2021: The Year Of Finding Black Atlanta Esoterica

“ESOTERICA: esoteric or highly specialized subjects or publications. Specialized knowledge known and appreciated by few.”

At the end of 2020, I re-launched the website for Black Atlanta. But we are ever-evolving the content strategy. So I’ve been reaching out to those content producers.

Our ask has been simple to interesting people with interesting content.

The Ask: 

I want permission to re-post content from your various channels on my newest version of BlackAtlanta.  It will honestly focus on select people from the community with awesome content and points of view.  

I love the passion you all have.  I’d love for that to come through on BlackAtlanta.  

 As I rebuild this niche site, in transparency, it will evolve as I learn what demographic and interests will be.  Thanks for considering the opportunity.

So starting now, we will be incorporating interesting people, places, and things in Black Atlanta.

I call it Black Esoterica. It will be tagged as #BlackEsoterica

Thank you to GreedyGirlsAtlanta for adding to the mystique and esoterica of Black Atlanta as you connect Millennials through food & beverage experiences. And thank you for allowing us to re-post your content!

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