The House, A Coke, and a Smile

In connecting the Black Atlanta experience for me, it’s crazy how a souvenir in the beginning of my Black Atlanta experiences can connect to, as of this posting, the NOW.

The summer of 1992 had a cadre of new experiences for me in my newfound home of Atlanta, GA. During that Morehouse College Freshman week, there were new friends to be made, Major declarations, and yes, tests and testimonies. (Anywhere there are a bunch of hard legs, you are going to have issues testosterone issues LOL).

But that week, Coca-Cola helped us celebrate by giving us a commemorative bottle celebrating our 125th College Anniversary.

While many of my fellow classmates drank theirs, I have been blessed to keep up with it for nearly 30 years. And then to have the honor and privilege of working for Coca-Cola downtown Atlanta today. Wow.

You see, you may see it as a small souvenir. I see it as a foreshadowing… a connective tissue of a company, a college, and divine fate.

Coming from Oklahoma, the big Pepsi was the the brand at the time I was growing up. So coming down to Atlanta for my newfound home and then school, and then beverage was just a great connection.

Dear Old Morehouse….. A Coca-Cola… And A Smile!

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