The Middle: A Tire, A Drunk Dude, a For RENT Sign, & A DECISION

I was down and out… honestly.  I had a major life change that left my income cut by 80%.  Can you imagine not knowing where next month’s rent was coming from?  Maybe.  But I had to make some changes and QUICK! 

Maybe you are in a better situation than I was… 

At the time, my fiance and I were looking for business opportunities.  Everywhere I turned, there were dead ends and walls. 

Then, between her cousin telling us about smoke shops doing well in Philadelphia and me remembering online research I did for electronic cigarettes years ago, but little did I know we would be on the way to starting our own until I met helped a guy on the side of the road with a flat tire. 

A Drunk and Sleepy Dude With A Flat Tire Changed My Life… 

I was on the way home early one early fall Saturday morning.  I  had just gone to the grocery store for some breakfast groceries.  On the way to the store, I had noticed this car on taking up a lane on a backroad … the street was only two lanes in the first place.  Just as most leery people do these days, I passed the car.  But an hour later as I was coming back home, I slowly drove by the car to see a person slumped over on the wheel. 

This was weird. 

But something told me to stop.  I slowly approached the car and tapped on the window.  The groggy guy, in his late 30s, slowly rolled down the window.  He was wrapped in a blanket and looked like he was freezing his ass off.   He said that he had come from a club not about 10 minutes away, but had a flat tire.  His phone had died and he had no spare.  He was still drunk, but told me what a great time he had. 

This club was called “Burn Lounge”.

I let him borrow my phone.  After getting cursed out by his girlfriend, he asked me for a ride home.  As he jumped out of his car, he thanked me and said that he would have a tow truck go and get his car.  

I had to go to Burn Lounge… 

One day, when my fiance was traveling with her job, I slipped by the Burn Lounge.  It was mid-week and pretty slow.  But the vibe was great.  A few weeks later, I’d return to a better crowd.  This night, as I left, I met the rapper Rich Homie Quan.  Great kid by the way.  

I digress.  

Life brought me to this plaza… where I went into a club… and went again… and a few more times.  

And then it all came together.  I started buying groceries in the grocery store a few spots down from the Burn Lounge in that plaza.  I mailed a few bills from the Post Office in that plaza. 

And then I saw the FOR RENT sign.  

For Rent + Smoke Shop Idea

I still needed a hustle.  Some type of great seredipity led me to that plaza.  One day, I DECIDED to just go for it. 

My wife and I signed a lease… and hired a smoke shop consultant. 

Now we own 4 smoke shops.

Take the opportunity and DECIDE to chase your desire and DO IT.

Just do it.  Get the consulting you need if you ever want a smoke shop at

ELSE… DECIDE to chase your dream. If I can do, you can do it better.

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