The Black Atlanta Testimony

An old gospel song’s lyrics state that

“As I look back over my life, And I think things over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed… I’ve got a testimony.”

Rev Clay Evans…

Thank you Reverend Clay Evans and Brother Anthony Tidwell for scribing and singing this song.

The Middle.

I am just a guy in his late 40s, who is taking the time to be thankful for the current, appreciative of the past for its bumps, bruises, & bruises…. and visionary for whatever the future will bring in a strategically designed life. Strategic in as far as my plans (which humanly are made to be broken) . And more so tactical in doing what I believe is God’s plan for my life.

The middle of life, presumes that I’ve got another 40+ years to live. But everyday is not promised. So my most important asset these days is TIME.

As we go into the Christmas 2020 season (as my ode to Gucci Santa conveys), I am 46 years old. If I can live to 70, then I have 34 Christmas Hams to enjoy. On one hand, that does not seem like very many. But it is if the 47th Christmas was cut short.

The Opportunity.

Atlanta has given me a tremendous amount of opportunity. Having matriculated Morehouse college in the 90’s, I was able to see Black folk doing the damn thing in Atlanta. This has helped to create my personal Testimony of Atlanta, and more specifically Black Atlanta.

Infantile Neonates.

At Morehouse, we had to take a Religion class. In that class, when all of us were chuckling and laughing instead of doing our work, Dr. Reverend Carter told us we were acting like Infantile Neonates. We all shut up, and while most of us were trying to figure out his definition of us acting like young and dumb baby kids, it left something in my mind for years.

It left the vision of not acting stupidly or haphazardly, but to always have the dream and vision of a child. A child is not scared to dream of being an astronaut. It is not until he hears the pain and disappointment of people around him, discouraging him, that he loses the dream to fly in a rocket.

For that, I will hope to keep rebirthing myself to grow to continue dreams of space exploration… or dreams and visions long buried with bodies in the cemetery.

The Beginning and the Future.

This blog will work to document the everyday of me and several chosen individuals in Black Atlanta. It will also dabble in the future, and how our past beginnings helped to lead us here. The TESTIMONY of how Black Atlanta changed my life and the experiences it has afforded me will be great topics of discussion.

Real. Fun. Open.

This won’t be a depressing space… but it will be open. REAL. at times fun…

I am hopeful that this safe space of full transparency will lead to others having a rebirth and renaissance of dreams and visions…. a newfound respect for living in the moment and maximizing the outcome of your time…. a renewed spirit in the maintenance of your relationships….. an empowerment to CARPE DIEM to seize THIS day.

Welcome to Black Atlanta.

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