Our Beliefs and Manifesto

The NEW Black Atlanta is not for everyone.  We are building game changers.

  1. We are SPAM killers.  Yes, you may see some of the same events and news, but why not see just one main email per week?
  2. We will grow to cater to YOU.  WHY should you get Strip Club promotions when you like Jazz?
  3. We will use BlackAtlanta and our social media to brag about remarkable customer service, food, banks, grocery stores, and even clean bathrooms. We love “experiences”.
  4. We love the simple things in life.  We can wear Carhart or yoga pants, but can rock elegance via fitted tuxedos and evening dresses.
  5. We are tired of the way things are and want to build our lives as they should be.
  6. We are an exclusive, small, group of Atlantans who believe that the power of networking and of change, one person at a time.
  7. We are leaders in our jobs, our families, our business, civic, and spiritual lives and we QUESTION why things are and what they could be.
  8. We share great news, our needs, our successes and setbacks in order to grow.
  9. We believe in agreeing to disagree due to our passions.
  10. We believe that in the proper environment, that Mondays are just as fun as Fridays.
  11. We seek domestic & international travel experiences, but know that Atlanta brings remarkable “next door” opportunities.
  12. We build for the future, but Carpe Diem.
  13. We understand the difficulty of making everyone happy and in having something for everyone.  But we get in where we fit in.
  14. We believe in Atlanta, the aura of African American achievement, and the mystique of Black Atlanta magnificence.