PBS did an article on the Black Funeral Director.  The article went into how during slavery, the funeral and homegoing became a time for family to get together to honor a person.  Although it was done in major secrecy at times, it was definitely a time to celebrate that person since often times, the person’s life was not very well celebrated during the horrific acts of slave life.

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That was the beginnings of the Black Funeral director.  During those times, there was someone who would prepare the body for burial and any services surrounding it.

After the Civil War, when secrecy lifted, funeral rituals became more public affairs.  The article states that there were rituals from African tribes that were maintained.  For example, putting coins in the deceased hands in order to make offerings in the after life.  Traditions such as music and dance increased, as the person’s freedom from this life was celebrated with the notion of her being in a better place.

As a business model, the Black Funeral Home and Director flourished.  Often African Americans would not be able to be serviced at White Funeral homes.  Therefore an expertise in the Funeral industry was obtained by African American funeral directors.

While there are varying degrees of homegoing services, from simple to extravagant, there is always a thought in one’s mind of providing a great and respectable funeral, while staying within a budget.  What is an acceptable casket for my loved one?  Burial plot too expensive?  Would he have wanted to lay beneath that tree?  Is this funeral director ripping me off?

We should proactively consider our own inevitable homegoing.  Therefore, it is imperative that we create relationships with experts for Black Atlanta Funeral Homes.

We are actively going to play our part and help you by partnering and Funeral Home sponsors and advertisers in the Atlanta area.  Your feedback will be needed, as we want to only advertise the best.

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