Today, wanted to do two things:

  1.  To tell you about a new restaurant that I want to try out called Rise -n- Dine.  Breakfast spots are always welcomed in my cuisine.
  2. Tell you a story and thank the guy who stopped on the side of the Interstate 85 today to offer me a hand when I had a flat.
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A couple of days after Hurricane Irma graced us with her presence here in Atlanta, and I was on the way into the job over at the world famous Coca-Cola.  And then, that famous sound…. Kind of a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH sound as my tire started to deflate.  No telling what I ran over with all the debris in the roads.  But, I had to get over quickly on I-85 North almost at the intersection of I-20.

My monk strap cognac shoes, light gray slacks and powder baby blue dress shirt didn’t have a chance against the dirt I was about to encounter.  So I did what any country-raised bro would do…. and I stripped down as much as I could and jumped into action dropping the spare down from under my Tahoe.

Hundreds of cars passed.  At least they were somewhat courteous and attempted to change lanes to give me space…  or so I thought.  (I have learned to give people the benefit of the doubt.  But in reality, it was probably because they didn’t want to take the I-20 exits).  But out of the hundreds if not few thousands, only one good Samaritan stopped.

About halfway through… spare dropped and almost tightened down… Truck still in the air…. and out of the blue, a guy appears from no where toting a bright orange construction barrel some 25 yards to the back of my truck.  Not sure where it came from, but as he walked past, he invited me to breakfast at Rise -n- Dine in the Emory Village and stated that he’d hook me up if I stopped through on the weekend.  Then he disappeared, walking to his car some 150 steps in front of us on the shoulder.

When I told a colleague about this act of kindness, he asked “… did he offer to help change the tire?  ….”  Some people just don’t get it.

  1. Clearly, I had the situation under control
  2. The thought and the act of kindness for him to think about my safety to warn impending danger away from me on the side of the road meant way more to me than an extra hand to watch me tighten lug nuts.

I searched on their Facebook page to find a couple of photos of a guy named George.

Thanks George for your kindness.  Thank you for stopping.  Thank you for your invitation to your restaurant.  And in a new type of Atlanta, where people cut you off in traffic without a nod or any resemblance of an appreciative hand wave…. and where people pass others on a daily basis in need of true help (I am guilty too)…. it is act of kindness like yours that reminds me to give a helping hand when I can.

George from Rise -n- Dine and Robert “RL” Lavelle Huggar from NEXT

Check out the Rise -n- Dine Restaurant and if you had not heard about them like I hadn’t, tell them that you learned of them because of George’s kindness and from a guy who decided to brag on his kindness and his restaurant 🙂

About The Rise -n- Dine Restaurant

The Rise -n- Dine is located at:

1565 N Decatur Rd NE Atlanta, Georgia

They serve both Breakfast and Lunch until 3 weekdays and 3:30 weekends. They feature Build-Your-Own Omelettes … Blueberry, Sweet Potato, Nutella, and Buttermilk Pancakes … Waffles … Breakfast Tacos … Chicken, Veggie, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Salad … Extensive a la Carte Menu to Build-Your-Own Meal, Vegan Friendly Meal.
All Espresso Drinks and Always Fresh-Brewed Coffee from Counter Culture!

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