Everyone and their mamma is doing Webinars these days.  There’s a webinar for getting cheap cars… A webinar for making money online… A webinar for how to create websites and how to diet.

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Don’t get me wrong.  Webinars are a great channel to getting business done. However, the platform that you are hosting your webinar on, has to be primo.

READ THIS CHEAT SHEET to understand how our suggested platform will help your Business in Black Atlanta.

Well Thought Out Presentation + Best in Class Webinar Platform

Generate More Leads… Make More Money

WHY?  It doesn’t matter your business type.  It doesn’t matter your hobby.   You can use Webinars to:  

  1.  Start an online Consulting Business
  2. Educate about your real estate business.  Give a webinar on how to pick a home or get qualified for a loan
  3. Talk about what makes your dog grooming business different
  4. Explain about your network marketing business
  5. Give tips on Fantasy Football
  6. Teach people the basics of computer repair
  7. Help people learn about divorce or family law
  8. Teach people sewing
  9. Educate people about investing
  10. Help people understand life insurance
  11. Help people understand funeral needs and why they need your funeral home

The list is infinite.  Webinars HELP you and HELP your customers and clients.

If you are like me, you can easily see how a Webinar Platform can help you reach your goals and make more moolah

Oops.  Don’t know what a webinar is?  Let’s define what a Webinar can do. 

In a nutshell, you can use a webinar platform to:

  • Present slides
  • Share a video
  • Record you talking live
  • Share a photo or diagram
  • Create a panel of other people so that they can talk and present live
  • take questions via chat
  • Give surveys
  • Present case studies
  • Face to Face.
  • Picture in Picture
  • Show A Mind Map or Whiteboard.
  • Give a Software Demonstration.
  • Polls
  • SELL –>  Give a link to your store and let them buy.
  • GENERATE LEADS ->  Give a link to a form and get their information.




How?  Our Suggested Webinar Platform Makes it Easy.  

  1.  Users can REGISTER to view and/or participate in your webinar with Custom Registration Forms & Pages
  2.  It integrates easily with multiple email platforms and CRMs and eCommerce platforms.
  3. It can notify others of webinar scheduling.
  4. It gives ANALYTICS that show the number of people in the Webinar, the Number of replays, registrations etc.


Next Steps:  How to Sign Up.

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