Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain.  We flew into Ibiza, the “PARTY CAPITAL” of Spain and had an awesome time.


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Sun and warm weather was a guarantee in July.  Hot days but cooler and tolerable nights. As fall and winter roll in, I’ve heard that it’s a little less predictable in temperature.  So if you are a sun bather, make sure you get there in the heat of summer.

Ibiza Transportation and Airport

There’s no Uber presence there.  :-/  But we took taxis everywhere we went.  We did see the buses, but decided we just liked hopping in cabs.  Make sure you budget extra cash for the taxis as that can rack up costs if your days are not planned correctly.

Where to Stay

We stayed in the Evissa area of the island.  It seems like a lot more of the clubs were towards Sant Antoni.  There are definitely “quieter” parts of the island and there’s a great section in the Old Town of Ibiza offering awesome pockets of restaurants and shops offering everything you can image.  There are great artisans for clothes and household items, so take extra money for everything from custom Spanish leather shoes to hot club clothes.

How Expensive is Ibiza

Although the Euro was much lower than it has been in past years, Ibiza to me was expensive.  The locals say that the celebrities like Paris Hilton and others have driven the prices sky high.  To get into a club, most entries are $25- $40 USD off the bat!  Not to mention, cocktails inside are at $15USD and higher for premium liquor.  For jet skis and boating, there are less people renting them, so you can’t really haggle them as well as in the Caribbean islands.  Be ready to spend that moolah!

Beach life…

The beaches had a few spots of nice white sand… But for the most part, lots of rocks and sand that reminds me of Myrtle Beach lol.

Now…. most of the beaches allow topless women!  So you will see topless women from small kids all the way up to grannies.

Bars and Clubs….

We checked out Amnesia, which is one of the top clubs there in Ibiza.  We also did a lot of bars and lounges.  Most places are going to play Ibiza House, Electronica, Techno music, so be ready!

My Favorite Spot…

It’s funny that sometimes, the best place is so simple… even in other locations around the world.  Hanging in a pool at the Ibiza Jet Apartments party for a couple of days was the best time!  Look it up on youtube and you will see some crazy ish happening.

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