Monday Motivation: Visualize Your Dreams and Turn them into Reality


Over the weekend, I had the bittersweet conversation of reminding my 16 year old son that it is important to start generating a list of ideas of what he’d want to do to make a living in his younger 20’s.  I took the opportunity to remind him of the importance of at least driving towards a general area of interest, which will drive some key decisions on what his education will be.

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After a very private moment of his response, I can remember where he was.  I shared with him a mix of emotions, from fear to early regrets even… I remember thinking at his age how life grand was, but also remembering how “unfair” it was.  I can also remember not knowing exactly what I wanted to do or in some cases, thinking that when I did figure it out, I’d be doing it for a lifetime.

The most important thing that I think I was able to hammer home with him was that sometimes, even we has grown people don’t have it all figured out.  We go back and forth with decisions about our careers, health, beliefs, finances, relationships.  There is nothing more certain than life’s changes and the decisions that lead to our inevitable reactions.

It starts with an idea…

I shared with my son the notion that everything starts with an idea.  And that this idea, although only mental, is a way to make SOMETHING out of NOthing.

One of my favorite life coaches is Jim Rohn.  I love how this video below talks about our visions and how we can start with the end even before we start.

In our lives, it is possible to see things that don’t yet exist, and even before you start to physically manifest it.  As humans, we are the only species that have the ability to finish something before it is even started. FAITH and Belief facilitates this.

  1. Start looking into the future to see yourself there…. in possession of your dreams …
  2. Decide what you want, and then act as if you already have it.

Not only can we envision the ending … but also how to start down journey to get that. Again, no other life form but humans can do this. The geese and birds fly south by genetic code and instinct. The bear hibernates by instinct.  Salmon swim upstream by instinct.  Can they overcome this?  No.  Can you change your life by envisioning its purpose?  Yes.

Humans can alter the course of their life. Go the direction that you face. Go to a place of productivity. One of influence. One of serving others… one of doing what God put you here to do.

Hey Atlanta… We live in some pretty amazing times.  Work now the vision of the end and Design a better life.

My son will be alright.  As we all cross the burning sands of our life’s milestones in some way or another, we just need to stay focused on how we want the end to look… and then we can focus on what it takes to manifest that vision.

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