You’re probably thinking that BitCoin is some magical currency that is associated with games or with some guys that look like punk rockers.  But the BitCoin is a type of cryptocurrency that deserves your interest.

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But even as important as the coins that are generated, is the backend of the crytpocurrency phenomena. It is a computing theory of decentralized ledgers.  In old school computing, your computing is only as good as the centralized servers that store it.  Even in cloud computing, there is is some form of a “master” that serves up copies of the data to other cloud computers.  This concept takes cloud computing to a new level by increasing the number of computers that are involved in the direct computing power of this data.  In the long term, this decreases the possibility of data being deleted or hacked.

TOO MUCH GREEK? Want a Real Life Example?  

So, have you ever seen your boyfriend with a chick in his lap at the strip club on his Insta ?  And you call him out about it and it magically disappears?

In Blockchain distributed computing, the instance of him doing this would be distributed and saved among thousands of computers world-wide.  No denying that.  In the case of being able to delete that one photo, he would have had to delete from thousands.  Not happenin’ playa.


There are lots of sources out there to learn more.


In business, BlockChain will revolutionize computing.  And what it means to you is that a lot of the technology that powers our everyday living will be impacted by the capabilities of BlockChain.

BlockChain will also create many millionaires in our times

It is also extremely important to know that BlockChain is a disruptive technology that will create many millionaires in our times.  Those who figure out not only how to invest in it, but also how to create disruptive applications of the technology will gain tremendous financial wealth!


You should.  Most times, we get onto opportunities too late.  At least take a look into the possibilities.


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