On Saturday, April 15, Creative Artist A.D. Williams (Dre) and Freelance Photographer Elvet Mobley have collaborated for the debut of the most incomparable art show this spring. #AlaskaNAtlanta is sure to bring out Atlanta’s tastemakers, curators, influencers, media professionals, and art community. This experience will be hosted on April 15th from 7pm – 10pm at HOBI Studios located at 300 A Oakland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312.

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AlaskaNAtlanta is a collection of pieces focusing on the elegance, beauty, and struggle of humans. Dre and Elvet create an unparalleled outlook of what the human soul can look like if you just look a little deeper, almost similar to the miracle of watching the creation of ice or fire, hence they bring you Alaska to Atlanta.

About the Artist:

A.D. Williams is a painter living and working in Atlanta, GA. He was born in 1987. Growing on Atlanta’s Eastside, he got his first taste of art from watching his father prepare commercial blueprints. As a young teen, Andre’ explored much of the City of Decatur from his bike, soaking up its heavy art-influenced community. Small projects and drawings filled his time until graduating from Valdosta State University in 2011. At that time, Andre’ begin experimenting with leftover paints and old bed sheets creating very abstract pieces. From those sheets to purchasing actually canvas, he begin completing commissioned pieces during the spring of 2012. Since, Andre’ has been a featured artist in group exhibitions in and around Atlanta, competed in art freestyle battles, as well as product/content design for several small business.

Elvet Mobley is a free lance photographer living in Atlanta, GA by way of anchorage, AK. He was born in 1987 and has been living in Atlanta since 2013. He has a passion for photography and capturing the realness of life which is why he always carries a camera around with him; even if it’s just a point and shoot. Since his started photography he has taken some pictures that have molded themselves into a story that must be told, and what better way to tell it then at the exhibition with his good friend and fellow artist A.D Williams.

Hashtag: #AlaskaNAtlanta #Elvetography #DreWilliams #HobiStudios

Media and Curator Check-in will begin promptly at 7:00pm

Onsite Media Contact:

Crystal Thomas

Phone: (229) 894 – 5273

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