Warm cigar lounge with sports on TV & spirits, especially scotch, plus a retail store.

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Cigars have been symbols of celebration, victory, success and prestige throughout history.  At last, Highland Cigar Co. has created an environment worthy of such revelry!  We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and fun.

Highland Cigar Co. is a premium cigar retailer and bar.  We feature a walk-in humidor, high-end accessories, private cigar storage and other products and services for cigar lovers and their friends.  Our state-of-the-art ventilation system, comfortable leather sofas and high definition televisions create an experience like no other in the Atlanta area.

Brian Mitchell is the original owner of Highland Cigar Co.  He began enjoying cigars, fine scotch and champagne as gestures of celebration, and developed the philosophy that life should be celebrated every single day…hence Highland Cigar Co.

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